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CK6150-1000CNC CNC Lathe Machine


CNC Lathe Machine Features:
1. Longitudinal and cross feeds are effected by ball leadscrews. Driven by servo motors.
2. Either vertical or horizontal 4-station or 6-station tool post or gang tools can be selected.
3. The post is located on precision contrite gears with a high repeated positioning accuracy.
4.Both chuck and tailstock are supplied with hydraulic or manual type.
5. The surface of the bedways is supersonic frequency hardened and precision ground with a long service life.
6. The spindle bore size is 52/80mm. The spindle system is high in the rigidity and accuracy.
7. Three gears controlled by a handle, stepless speed regulation, with lower noise and
    high- standard machining accuracy, is an environmental- protective machine.
8. The spindle is the high- rotate speed and sophisticated bearing with smooth surface.
9.Intergrated automatic lubrication system.

The machine is suitable to process all kinds of small and middle-sized shaft and plate workpiece,and could also turn various threads ,circle arc ,circle cone ,inside and outside surface of revolved body .This machine is widely used in sanitary ,value ,electrical appliance ,instrument ,automobile ,motor cycle ,bearing and so on.

CNC Lathe Machine Technical Parameters:
Model Unit CK6150
Max swing over bed mm 500mm
Max swing over cross slide mm 280mm
Max processing lenght mm 750/1000/1500mm
X/Z axis travel mm X:300 Z:750/1000/1500
Spindle transmission type   Mechanical three gear speed
Spindle speed step   In gear variable speed
Spindle speed r/min L :70-560 H:200-1600
Spindle nose   C6
Spindle bore mm 52/82mm
Spindle taper   MT6
Spindle motor kw 7.5kw
Chuck size mm 250mm
Ball screw dia and pitch   2506/4008
X/Z axis feed motor torque nm X:5.5Nm  Z:7.5Nm
X/Z rapid traverse mm/min X:6mm/min  Z:8mm/min
X/Z axis repeatabilty mm +/-0.005mm
Processing accuracy   IT6-IT7
Workpiece surface roughness   Ral.6
Tailstock quill dia mm 75mm
Quill travel mm 140mm
Quill taper   MT5
Tool post type   4-position electric turret
Cutting tool size mm 25x25mm
Guide form   One shan one flat
Total power capacity   12KVA
Machine dimension mm 2500x1500x1690mm
N weight kg 2000kg

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