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CNC Vertical Machining Center


VMC550 machining center configuration:
1. Resin sand castings.
2. Taiwan's three-axis ball screw. (Taiwan silver)
3. Precision lock nut. (Shanghai Yu Kai) (standard)
4. Taiwan-made spindle, Japan NSK bearing, spindle pulley and belt.
     (Taiwan Health) 8000 rpm
5. Taiwan-made pressurized cylinder. (Taiwan Hao Orange) (standard)
6. Imported bearings (P4 grade). (standard)
7. Domestic high quality coupling. (Tianjin Longchuang) (standard)
8. Tool magazine 16 bucket knives (Tokyo, Taiwan)
9. X, Y, Z (bottom) stainless steel rail protection. (standard)
10. Imported electronic lubrication pump. (standard)
11. Domestic cooling system water pump, water tank. (standard)
12. Pneumatic components, . (standard)
13. Headstock weight. (standard)
14. System. Huazhong 808D, wide gsk990, Beijing KND2000M4,
15. Machine alarm light (standard)
The machine is equipped with an anti-impact device, which can absorb the vibration caused by the impact caused by the worker's operation error, so as to minimize the damage of the impact and ensure the original accuracy;
The oil and water separation design can effectively separate the lubricating oil from the cutting fluid, and prevent the cutting fluid from deterioration, affecting the processing quality.
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CNC Milling Machine Technical Parameters:
Model VMC550
Work table size 700x350 mm
Max work table loading 300 kg
X/Y/Z axis travel 550x350x500 mm
Distance between spindle center and column surface 419 mm
Distance between spindle and work table surface 100-600 mm
X/Y/Z max feed speed 10000 mm/min
X/Y/Z max rapid speed 20/20/15 m/min
The spindle max speed 8000 r/min
The spindle taper BT40
Spindle motor 3.7/5.5 kw
X/Y/Z axis Servo motor 1.0/1.0/1.5 kw
T-slot of work table 3-18x105 mm
Repeat positioning accuracy +/-0.004 mm
Tool capacity 12/16
Max tool weight 7 kg
Max tool length 250/350 mm
Electric capacity 8
Machine size (L*W*H) 2380x1950x2300 mm
Net weight 3200 kg

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