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4H turret milling machine


Universal Turret Vertical Milling Machine (4H 5H ) Performance: 
1.Work Table Surface and Guide ways Hardened by Supersonic Frequency Quenching (depth 2-4MM)
2.Work Table Made by HT200-250 High Strength Cast Iron
3. With the horizontal milling function
4.Plastic Guide Way Increase The Precision And Service Life
5.Three Axis can Fix (X/Y/Z) Automatically Feed .

Universal Turret Vertical Milling Machine Standard Accessories:
1.milling chuck sets
2.Reducing sleeve 7:24ISO50/MS4 and 40/MS4 3.Hexagonal Spaner 5 and 10
4.Stay wrench S21-24 and S27-30
5.Horizontal milling cutter arbor 7:24 ISO50  27 6.Horizontal milling cutter arbor 40 
7.Draw bar M24 (on the machine)and M16
8.work lamp
9. cooling systerm 10.universal milling head XC63T4A

Optional Accessories:

1.X/Y power feed 
2.Z axis lifting motor
3.three axis sino dro 
4.QH200 flat vice

Universal Turret Vertical Milling Machine Technical Parameters:
Specifications Units 4H
Table size mm 1270x254(10"x50")
T- slot number and size mm 3/16/65
Max.table load Kg 350
Working table stroke X mm 850
  Y   400
  Z   400
Ram stroke mm 470
Spindle nose to table top mm 0-460
Spindle center to body distance mm 155-635
Taper of spindle hole     R8
Spindle speed(50HZ) r/min  16(shift grade)66-4540
Spindle travel mm 127
Spindle sleeve diameter mm 87.52
Spindle feed rate mm/r 0.04(0.0015")/0.08(0.003")/0.15(0.006")
Spindle motor power HP 3
Rotary arm ° 360°
Head rotation (left - right ) ° 90°
Head rotation (front - rear) ° 45°
Overall size(LxWxH) mm 1600x1700x2250
Gross Weight Kg 1200

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